Natural scent blends

Mood shots - 2ml

Our mood shots are designed to give you that extra support right when you need it. The 2ml cartridges last for about 3 to 4 hours and are easily switched in the cartridge holders of your Transducer. Curious what scent blend matches your lifestyle and taste?

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Discovery box

The discovery box features our complete range of natural essential oil blends to uplift any type of activity throughout your day. Discover the world of natural scent and experience the power of nature's finest ingredients.

House blends - 30ml

Our house blends are designed for those who fell for a particular scent and can’t get enough. The 30ml cartridges lasts for about 10 to 14 weeks and can remain in your Transducer as your signature scent even when switching mood shots. Haven’t found your signature blend yet?

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Meet the transducer

A diffuser like no other

The diffuser that transforms the way you fragrance your home. Portable, waterless and controlled via our web-application for a seamless experience of natural scent.

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Natural scent diffuser


Starter kit

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