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Our story

The concept of TRANSDUCE. was built on our passion for aromatherapy and the natural opportunity it brings along for physical and emotional support. Our dream is to make this practice accessible to all, most convenient for day-to-day implementation, aesthetically designed to fit any interior, and of course smart connected to be automated and activated with a simple touch or with your mobile application.It is the sustainability of the mind we want to promote and cherish. Let us help you sustain your mind by implementing the use of natural scents every day.

What started as a teenage dream to create their own company grew into a shared mission to transform the concept of aromatherapy into a novel lifestyle experience. Rebeca Barbulescu and Kimberlynn Chaves, co-founders of TRANSDUCE., are life long friends sharing the same work ethics, passion for building a legacy, and lust to live life to the fullest. The goal is to inspire and encourage people to use the power of natural scent every day.

TRANSDUCE.’s sensory-approach to contemporize aromatherapy whilst inviting everyone to create their own personal experience guarantess a positive and trustworthy connection to the brand lifestyle.“We lead our customers in the world of scent, remain innovators through every step we take and are reliable collaborators in our partnerships. Our partners have our dedicated trust and we work with people who are in touch with our brand. Most importantly, we balance each other’s weaknesses and boost each other’s strenghts to lift each other along the way. As we understand that nature radiates positivity when using it with respect, we make sure that our partners, clients and customers feel the same by choosing TRANSDUCE.”

Our commitment

Impact & responsibility

At TRANSDUCE. we believe that working according to high social and environmental standards is not a must, but should be normalized. It is only natural that TRANSDUCE. aspires to become B-corp certified.
As creators, we have the opportunity to consider the impact that our products have, and will continue to have, on the environment and therefore we uphold the following:

Essential oil blends

The TRANSDUCE. essential oil sourcing is done in a sustainable and ethical way. The acquiring of our oils is done with local farmers all over the world (depending of the specific place our ingredients grow the best). These farmers work in family businesses and are paid a fair price for their products, which helps to support their communities and maintain that valuable "savoir faire". Additionally, the sourcing process adheres to strict European legislation, ensuring that the oils are 100% natural, of the highest quality (1st & 2nd distillation proces) and free of microplastics. With over 45 years of experience, our sourcing team provides for safe and reliable produce that is not only good for you and us, but also good for the planet and the communities where our raw product grows

Supply chain

the manufacturing of the Transducer is done with the utmost care for making sustainable choices and providing good conditions for the people making our product. Our partner Flow Products is committed to a fair and circular economy. Our supplier in Shenzhen has created a high standard of social and environmental responsibility and ethical conduct.The factory provides for safe working conditions, treats workers with dignity and respect, acts fairly and ethically, and uses environmentally responsible practices wherever they make products or perform services for TRANSDUCE. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the code of conduct.


The plastic material used for the Transducer remains uncontaminated and is therefore 100% recyclable. Our cartridges are made of glass and therefore recyclable, adhering to the circular economy. Our packaging is made from Paperwise, a material made from organic agricultural waste that is 100% biodegradable after use.

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