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natural scent blend

Alleviates anxiety, stress and emotional exhaustion, easing you into joy and intimacy.

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2ML mood shot
*Last for 3-4 hours
30ML mood shot
*Last for 10-14 weeks

- 178 x 92 x 159 mm (L*W*H)
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Product details

  • Benzoin: a lovely, sweet, rich vanilla-like aroma that is relaxing, reassuring and anxiolytic. Benzoin offers benefits for the mind like combating challenges such as stress, grief, panic and nervous tension.
  • Black Pepper: a sharp spicy, yet warm fragrance that has stimulant, aphrodisiac properties. It offers stamina and strength whilst also being useful for bolstering courage in stressful situations.
  • Cardamom: warm, sweet and spicy aroma that is a great stimulant aroma in the bedroom. The uplifting and lightening effect helps to clear the mind of confusion and cheers the heart.
  • Ylang Ylang: sweet, heady scent with an exotic and voluptuous quality. Ylang Ylang pacifies the mind, dispels stubbornness and anger and creates a feeling of peace.

Why choose


Get ready to fire up that libido with FEEL. Certain essential oils are regarded by many as aphrodisiacs, helping you eliminate mood-killers such as anxiety, stress and emotional exhaustion. Stress makes it difficult to feel at ease in the bedroom and to give in to moments of pleasure. Feeling at ease is therefore a key element when it comes to sexual satisfaction, especially for women. Our exotic FEEL scent helps you feel more relaxed, easing you into the perfect mood for enjoying moments of pleasure and intimacy. FEEL is made from vanilla aroma benzoin, voluptuous ylang-ylang, spicy black pepper, and sweet cardamom which also act to intensify the heat under the sheets.

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