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A. Introduction

This is the User Manual of TRANSDUCE B.V. (Van Tuyll van Serooskerkenweg 160-4, Amsterdam, The Netherlands). This manual describes how to use our product and which main warnings to take into consideration (non-exhaustive). We recommend you read this manual carefully before you use any of our products.

The Transducer is a pure essential oil diffuser with an elegant double nozzle design, this aroma diffuser perfectly atomizes the TRANSDUCE. pre-made blends available at You can control the diffuser manually through the button on the lid or through our web application (go to paragraph B for instructions on connecting your diffuser to the TRANSDUCE. web application).

If you have any queries about this User Manual, please email us at or contact us via our website, and be sure to indicate the nature of your query. For the privacy policy & warranty policy please consult our website.

B. Product components

  1. Plastic casing lid
  2. Diffusion nozzle
  3. Essential oil cartridge
  4. LED lights
  5. Power touch button
  6. USB-C charging port
  7. Plastic casing base
  8. Nozzle cover & Aroma exit
  9. Atomiser
  10. Essential oil pipe
  11. Nozzle core
  12. Large glass cartridge
  13. Small glass cartridge

Accessory: USB-C cable

C. Instructions

  1. Choose a Mood Shot (XS) or House Blend (XL) cartridge to suit your needs.
  2. Make sure your Transducer is charged and turned on with the switch on the bottom of the device.
  3. Lift the lid off the Transducer.
  4. Detach one of the nozzles from the Transducer, and attach it to the cartridge of your choice.
  5. Insert the nozzle with your chosen blend into the Transducer and place the lid back.
  6. Press the POWER button 1 time to instantly fill your entire space on Low intensity.
  7. Press 2 times for Medium diffusion intensity and 3 times for High diffusion intensity.
  8. Inhale as the therapeutic blends lift your space to a new aromatic dimension.
  9. Once charged, the Transducer is also fully portable for approximately 4 hours.

D. Connect to


How to connect your Transducer to the web application:

  1. Unbox your Transducer and connect the charger cord.
  2. Turn your device on with the switch on the bottom of your Transducer.
  3. Keep pressing the power button for 10 sec until blue lights appear.
  4. Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and select "TRANSDUCE".
  5. Fill in your local Wi-Fi address, Wi-Fi passcode, and email address.
  6. Log in via the link received in your mailbox.
  7. Create your profile and activate it through the link received in the second email (check your spam). For IOS: in your browser click options > add to Home Screen. For Android: in your browser click the menu > add to Home screen.
  8. You can now use the from your home screen.

E. LED map, modes, and charging operation

LED modes:

a. WHITE: Your Transducer is operationg.

  • 1 LED pulsing: operating at low intensity.
  • 2 LED pulsing: operating at medium intensity.
  • 3 LED pulsing: operating at high intensity.
  • Middle LED pulsing: device is charging.
  • Middle LED static: device is fully charged / stand-bye in charger.

b. PINK: You inserted a new bottle size.

  • The device is converting from XL to XS diffusion plan.
  • The device is converting from XS to XL diffusion plan.

c. BLUE: When power button is pressed over 10 sec. the device is in pairing mode.

d. RED: The battery status.

  • Middle LED pulsing: battery status is less than 5%.

Operating modes:

The Transducer has 3 modes of diffusion: Low, Medium, and High intensity. When turned on manually these diffusion modes’ last 2 to 4 hours with the Mood shot & we recommend 1,5 hours daily use of the House blend. When controlling the Transducer via the web application you have the extra possibility to choose the duration of the cycle.

Mood shot (XS) cycles

  • 1 LED Low intensity: spray for  2 seconds, and halt for 13 seconds.
  • 2 LEDs Medium intensity: spray for 3 seconds, and halt for 12 seconds.
  • 3 LEDs High intensity: spray for 4 seconds, and halt for 11 seconds.

House Blend (XL) cycles

  • 1 LED Low intensity: spray for  1 second, and halt for 14 seconds, will stop after 1,5 hour.
  • 2 LEDs Medium intensity: spray for 2 seconds, and halt for 18 seconds, will stop after 1,5 hour.
  • 3 LEDs High intensity: spray for 3 seconds, and halt for 17 seconds, will stop after 1,5 hour.

Charging operation:

  • Plug the USB-C charging cable into the USB-C charging port of the Transducer.
  • Connect the USB charging cable to your common power adapter.
  • Charging indicator status:When the charging cable is not plugged in and the battery level is below 5%, all led lights will turn red and show a heartbeat. When the battery is in charging mode, 1 white middle led light with show a heartbeat. When the battery is fully charged, and not in use, the middle led light will turn white with/without a heartbeat.

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