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  1. Applicability
  2. Ownership of rights
  3. Products
  4. Availability
  5. Shipping
  6. Cancellation rights
  7. Refund or return
  8. Liability
  9. Questions & complaints
  10. Force majeure
  11. Applied law
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1. Applicability

As a guest or a registered user, you make use of the Site and therefore, the following terms of use (together with documents referred to in it) are applicable worldwide. To this purpose, we recommend to read through these Terms of use carefully before making use of our Site.
By accessing our Site, you agree to comply with our Terms of use. In case of not agreeing with our Terms & Conditions, you must not make usage of our Site. From time to time, we have the right to update the Terms & Conditions, therefore it is important to check new updates regularly.

2. Ownership of rights

All intellectual property, including rights such as copyright and moral rights, in this Site are owned and/or licensed to Transduce. Without permission by letter, it is not allowed to copy or store material of this Site, other than for your own personal, non-commercial use. It is prohibited to modify, distribute, post or delete anything on this Site for any purpose without obtaining a license from Transduce. The content on this Site is protected by copyright, design and trademark laws worldwide. This means that you are not allowed to download, print off or copy any part of this website.

3. Products

The products and services on this Site are covered by the following terms & conditions and are for personal use only. TRANSDUCE is responsible to display the best possible representation of images of the TRANSDUCE products. Please note that the images may differ from reality, as TRANSDUCE cannot guarantee that a display is able to showcase the exact colour of the product. The same counts for the packaging of the products.

Further, you are not allowed to sell or resell the products bought via this Site. TRANSDUCE reserves the right to cancel any order when suspecting violation of the terms & conditions.

4. Availability

When available, you are permitted to buy any Products of the Site. Upon availability, the prices remain in effect or otherwise stated. In case of unavailability, TRANSDUCE makes sure to state that on the Site or inform you as soon as possible.

5. Shipping

TRANSDUCE uses DHL to endeavour parcels to its customers worldwide. Therefore, a shipping fee is applied at the end of each Order Total. In case of international parcels, extra costs can be added, such as any taxes and/or duties imposed by a country’s government. These additional costs are portrayed by the parcel carrier during the delivery. It is a customer’s responsibility to pay for the additional costs before receiving the parcel. Meaning that the parcel shall be returned to TRANSDUCE in case of refusing to pay.

6. Delivery

TRANSDUCE has made the executive decision to deliver its products through the letter box, so customers do not have to wait at home for the parcel to arrive. As for delivery times within The Netherlands, TRANSDUCE aims to deliver orders within 2-3 working days (exception public holidays and weekends) from the order date. For international parcels, TRANSDUCE recommends consulting the website of +/- 10 working days for delivery times.

7. Prices

The Site of TRANSDUCE showcases its prices in Euros including VAT. TRANSDUCE is allowed to change its prices without notice, as long as the price remains the same on the order moment as well as submitting the order.
TRANSDUCE utilizes a secured system from Shopify to enable online payments on the Site. With this software platform, TRANSDUCE can assure that no third parties have access to information provided by customers to place an order on the Site. For more information about concerns regarding personal data, you can read the Privacy Policy provided on the Site. Please note, additional costs may be applied after submitting an order, such as a country’s taxes and/or duties

8. Cancellation rights

As a customer of this brand, you have the legal right to return the Products within 30 days, without any justification & penalty. When cancelling the contract, it is up to the consumer to decide whether he/she would like a refund or an exchange of Products.

Cancelled Products are to be returned to TRANSDUCE, the Van Tuyll van Serooskerkenweg 160-4, 1076JV Amsterdam, The Netherlands. TRANSDUCE is responsible for reimbursing you within 14 business days from the moment the package has been returned. We will refund you on the credit card or debit card used by you to pay.

There are some expectations regarding returning the Products:

  • When the Product has been personalised
  • When the Product is made to your liking and therefore to your specifications
  • When the date has been expired after 30 days
  • In case of health or hygiene reasons, we do not accept a cancelled Product

In case of cancellation, please complete the Refund Form that comes with the package or let us know via e-mail by emailing us at

When returning Products back to us, make sure to obtain proof of postage, as TRANSDUCE does not accept responsibility for items lost in transit.

9. Refund or return

As a buyer of a product on this Site, you are permitted to return purchased products to TRANSDUCE for a refund of exchange with another product within 14 business days after receiving the parcel. Orders submitted on other websites than the Site of TRANSDUCE cannot be returned to us, but the original point of purchase.

In case of returning directly to TRANSDUCE, products can be sent to Van Tuyll van Serooskerkenweg 160-4, 1076 JV, Amsterdam. The shipment costs of returning a product are for the customer’s account. In case of returning, please complete the Refund Form that comes with the package or let us know via e-mail by emailing us at

In case of receiving the incorrect item, customers can send it back free of charge and TRANSDUCE takes responsibility to send the correct item. However, the returned item must be in the same original condition as delivered.

In case of a damaged item, proof must be provided before further action. In case of damage, TRANSDUCE is responsible to reimburse the full amount.

TRANSDUCE is responsible for reimbursing you within 14 business days from the moment the package has been returned. We will refund you on the credit card or debit card used by you to pay. Please note that we may ask your postal receipt when not receiving the returned package. This has consequences for the reimbursement.

10. Liability

As a seller, TRANSDUCE B.V. holds certain rights in absolute discretion, to proceed with measures in case a customer does not take responsibility to pay for orders made on this Site. In accordance with the Terms of Use, TRANSDUCE is allowed to:

  • Refuse any further deal with you and therefore is not accountable for any damage and/or loss made indirectly from this action
  • Repudiate shipping a product as requested in the order
  • According to the Dutch law and Warranty clause, to offer refunds or replacements of products in case of loss and/or damage suffered by the customer and caused by TRANSDUCE. The Products on this Site are subject to the legal warranty provided by the Dutch law.

11. Questions & complaints

In case of questions and/or complaints regarding TRANSDUCE and its products, please email us at or write to us at: TRANSDUCE B.V., Van Tuyll van Serooskerkenweg 160-4, 1076 JV Amsterdam. May you feel that your complaint has not been resolved to your liking, you may refer to the EU Commission’s online platform available at:

12. Force majeure

In case of delay or hinder preventing TRANSDUCE to fulfill its obligations towards its customers, TRANSDUCE is not liable until further notice when the event or circumstance has ceased.

13. Applied law

The Terms & Conditions above are governed by the Dutch law and are applicable to the online Site of TRANSDUCE. In any case of disputes or claims regarding this Site, the jurisdiction of the Dutch courts will apply.

14.Contact us

If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy or our handling of your Personal Data in general, please email us at and be sure to indicate the nature of your query.

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