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Starter kit


Start off with our starter kit including the Transducer and our entire scent collection.

- 178 x 92 x 159 mm (L*W*H)
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The starter kit features our Transducer and complete range of natural essential oil blends to uplift any type of activity throughout your day. Discover the perks of our device and experience the power of nature's finest ingredients.

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Starter kit

The Transducer transforms the way you fragrance your home. Portable, waterless and controlled via our web-application for a seamless experience of our eight natural scents.

WAKE: Activating blend to promote feelings of energy, well-being, strength and mental clarity.

POWER: Stimulates the nervous system, encourages healthy breathing and works as a natural pain reliever.

FOCUS: Reduces tension, calms the physical form and awakens the higher consciousness to kickstart the brain

BOOST: Boosts your energy levels in a split second to regain control over your emotions and confidence.

PARTY: Promotes positive outlook, instills confidence and strips the room from gloomy thoughts

RELAX: Healing for body & mind with stimulant properties to calm down the agitated nervous system

FEEL: Alleviates anxiety, stress and emotional exhaustion, easing you into joy and intimacy

REST: Brings your feelings under conscious control and helps you master peaceful sleep

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