Challenges faced by the
hospitality market

Medical clinics are often associated with negative feelings such as long waiting times, uncertainty, fear, and nervousness. Additionally, the strong smell of disinfectants can also contribute to this negative experience. Unfortunately, this has a long-term effect on patients, making them dread coming back for another appointment.

3 in 4 people says to experience fear of going to the hospital and avoiding medical institutions

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Scenting a waiting area with natural fragrance results in a 74% decrease in anxiety

Using natural fragrances in healthcare environments has a positive impact on patients, staff, and caregivers. One effective approach is to implement natural fragrances for the waiting area using scents like lavender or mandarin. By doing so, patients and staff alike can benefit from the soothing effects of these fragrances, taking away the feeling of uncertainty, stress, and fear. Ultimately, this can lead to a more positive and relaxing healthcare experience for everyone involved.

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- Safa Doestzada, founder Aēstec

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