Challenges faced by restaurants

“A warm welcome” is a vibe that many restaurants seek to establish as a first impression to their guests. Many restaurant owners have tried conventional air fresheners and scent sticks to eliminate unwanted smells and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
However, these methods only provide temporary solutions and fail to enhance the overall memorable dining experience.

Our solutions

signature scent creation
oils, food & drinks pairings
customized private label
award-winning diffuser
smart scent machines

About 75% of our daily emotions are influenced by smell, and these emotions are closely tied to our food and taste experiences.

When looking to provide a unique dining experience for your guests and differentiate your establishment from high-end competitors, we suggest incorporating natural scents into your restaurant, and even pairing it with your dishes. This approach not only creates a warm and inviting atmosphere but makes a lasting impression on your guests. The extra effort & creativity on your end makes the guest want to come back and tell others all about their latest experience. Moreover, our natural scents also address the issue of unwanted smells, such as sewer air.

100% natural • experience driven •
unique • anti-septic • air purifying

We have experienced a pleasant collaboration with Transduce! These ladies possess extensive knowledge about the products they can provide and take the time to truly understand your vision and goals for the fragrances. We are convinced that this will tremendously enhance the experience at our restaurant.

- Michael Wolf, owner Wolf Atelier

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