Challenges faced by health clubs

Health clubs must overcome hurdles such as retaining members by enhancing their satisfaction and addressing odor control issues. The outbreak of Covid-19 has elevated the importance of air quality, sustainable touch points, and overall quality of life. Consequently, businesses must adapt and implement measures to meet evolving customer needs and effectively tackle these challenges.

33% of people do not use deodorant when working out,
having a major impact on the experience of others in the gym

Our solutions

signature scent creation
corporate range selection
customized private label
award-winning diffuser
smart scent machines

54% increase in motivation to work out after smelling the POWER scent

Creating a motivating atmosphere with an energizing natural scent improves member loyalty, retention, and brand recognition. With Covid-19, natural air purification is a great touch point, as members can benefit from clean, upscale, welcoming environments and feel comfortable as well as motivated during their workouts. Not only do members benefit from natural scents, but also employees are kept productive, happy, and loyal to the brand.

100% natural • experience driven •
unique • anti-septic • air purifying

Max Health Club works closely with Transduce to convey the club feeling in a fragrance to our members. The goal is to create a feeling of coming home and a place where you want to come back several times a week. Transduce has succeeded in capturing this feeling in a real Max fragrance.

- Jacco Helmink, owner Max Health Club

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