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In today's highly competitive retail landscape, businesses face the challenge of standing out and keeping customers engaged. It's not just about attracting customers to their stores; they also need to encourage them to spend more and come back in the future. To succeed, businesses must think outside the box and find innovative ways to capture and retain customer attention. By continuously enhancing the customer experience and staying one step ahead, businesses can gain a competitive edge in the retail industry.

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Increase of 6% in impulse purchases thanks to natural scent marketing

One effective way to achieve these goals is by influencing the unconscious mind of customers by triggering positive associations with natural fragrances. The pleasant scents can make customers feel more relaxed and comfortable in the store, which increases the likelihood of them staying longer, making a purchase or more, and developing a sense of loyalty to the brand.Overall, by strategically leveraging sensory stimuli like aromatherapy and thus maintaining high levels of hygiene, businesses can positively influence customer retention, sales, loyalty, and ultimately, their revenue.

100% natural • experience driven •
unique • anti-septic • air purifying

"From the beginning, I felt very comfortable working with this company.​The girls understood our concepts and they knew what our goal was when implementing the scent marketing. They have listened to our needs, and they come with great proposals. I’m happy to start rolling out the scent marketing in our stores on a global level."

- Deandra Bartelings, Global Head of Store Experience & Retail Concept GrandVision

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