Challenges faced by offices

Employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity are essential to the success of any business. However, businesses today face challenges in maintaining these factors, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic. The shift to remote work has been a big change for employees who have adapted to the comfort and flexibility of working from home. As a result, the demand for healthy and comfortable workspaces has grown substantially, as employees return to the office. Businesses must address this need to maintain their employees' satisfaction and productivity.

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24% increase in productivity & 36% increase in work happiness

Businesses are expected to enhance the office environment by providing a comfortable and welcoming experience for their employees. One such way is to incorporate aromatherapy through the use of natural scents to promote focus, motivation, and happiness among employees. By using essential oils, the air in the office can be purified as many natural scent elements possess antiseptic properties.By means of our natural scents, businesses create a work environment that caters to the changing needs and expectations of their workforce. By doing so, they can attract and retain top talent, drive business success, employee satisfaction, and productivity, and build a strong corporate culture.

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“I have seen firsthand the positive impact that scent can have on my team and I was skeptical at first. For me, it is important that my team feels comfortable, appreciated, and happy so that they are productive and stay as long as possible with DNZB. Overall, I highly recommend scent marketing in the office for any business owner looking to improve their workplace culture and create a more positive and productive environment for their employees.”

- Marcel Smolders, owner DNZB

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