Challenges faced by the
hospitality market

In the world of hospitality, effective brand communication and personalized experiences are essential for creating customer loyalty and driving revenue. However, the challenge of maintaining a strong brand identity while offering customized experiences to guests can be a difficult balance to achieve. Moreover, unpleasant odors can also pose a challenge, as they can detract from the guest experience and damage the hotel's reputation.

Our solutions

signature scent creation
corporate range selection
customized private label
award-winning diffuser
smart scent machines

91% of hotel guests experience a pleasant smell as having
a positive impact

Utilize natural scent as a means of conveying brand identity and creating a memorable guest experience. We specialize in developing signature scents that align with our client's brand values and create a unique atmosphere for your guests. Furthermore, our natural scents combat unpleasant odors through their antiseptic powers. By implementing natural scent solutions, hotels can effectively communicate their brand identity while offering personalized experiences to guests, creating brand loyalty, and ultimately using scent marketing as a revenue generator.

100% natural • experience driven •
unique • anti-septic • air purifying

"The ladies from TRANSDUCE. really understood our brand concept and translated it into two possible house blends for one of our latest projects. Although the brand concept is the same, they were able to capture the essence and the local inspiration in two completely different scents. One being very fresh, subtle, and seductive, whilst the other being very layered and an embodiment of the classic Dutch glory.Throughout the entire process, they were very professional and customer oriented. We are happy with the collaboration and the two unique scents."

- Paul Geertman, founder Aedes

"Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin is working with TRANSDUCE. to develop a new sensory experience for our new room types.

We are confident that it will be a great success."

- Stephan Stokkermans, Managing Director Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin

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