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A natural scent marketing specialist - driven by passion for essential oils, aromatherapy and creating lasting connections with and for brands. ​Join us on a journey to inspire people to experience the power of natural scent everyday.

Our services are built around you and your customers. We understand that every brand has its own unique identity and therefore we offer a wide corporate range of scents.On top of that,  we also offer the service of creating custom-made scents based on your brand identity.Our team consists of matter experts in product development, branding, and aromatherapy. Together we ensure memorable, meaningful and effective scent experiences.​​

Today's world reflects that people like "new, sustainable" yet "classic" things. To adhere to new items one searches for familiarity. That is why we created an 8 piece corporate range to create that "Familiar Surprise" by means of a psychology-driven natural scent experience. The corporate collection consists out of BOOST | RELAX | POWER | FOCUS | FANTASY | COMFORT | LOYAL | CLEAND

Do you want to offer that "warm welcome" effect for your audience by applying one of our scents?Request a consult with our specialist to find out which scent works best for your organization. Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our commitment

Custom made blend

Applying the power of scent is a veritable gold mine, and for those who create signature scents for their businesses, it means a lucrative way to increase loyalty, traffic, revenue and ROI.

Warm welcome

Using scent to establish a "Warm Welcome" effect creates  a 5 second lead over other senses, making the first impression extremely impactful. A customized scent matching your brand identity generates a more favorable and unique brand association from your audience, as they will link the specific scent to your brand. Our experts are here to think along with reselling the branded scent for a more powerful brand association and brand loyalty.

100% natural

Our scents are 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan, created in The Netherlands and therefore we invite you to become one of the pioneers in The Netherlands to introduce natural scent with us.

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