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TRANSDUCE. creates scents that smell good, feel good & do good

We are a premium scent design agency based in Amsterdam, offering 100% natural fragrances exclusively. Our specialization lies in creating bespoke scents that perfectly match the unique requirements of our clients' businesses. Our fragrances are subtle and organic, providing a memorable, meaningful, and effective olfactory experience. Unlike synthetic alternatives, our natural fragrances offer superior value by stimulating the unconscious mind, while also providing antiseptic and air-purifying benefits.

Rebeca Barbulescu & Kimberlynn Chaves

TRANSDUCE. is an award nominated & winning scent design agency

Our tailored scent marketing solutions

TRANSDUCE. creates tailor-made experiences through Signature Scents based on a brand identity. Our team consists of matter experts in product development, branding, and aromatherapy. Together we ensure memorable, meaningful and effective scent experiences.​​

Signature scent

TRANSDUCE. also offers a psychology-driven 8-piece Corporate Range to create that "Familiar Surprise". We offer the following scents in our range:  FOCUS | BOOST | POWER | RELAX | LOYAL | COMFORT | CLEAN | FANTASY.

Corporate Range
Scent machines

TRANSDUCE. offers different scent machines for different purposes, ranging from diffusers for 30m2 to scent machines appropriate for 10,000m2. Please get in touch with us to find the right scent machine for your space(s) and to accommodate your needs.

The team of TRANSDUCE. likes to think along with you on how to make scent marketing a revenue generator and not a large expense. We are experts on private labels, as we create roomsprays, bath oils, soaps, pillow sprays according to your wishes.

Private label

Industries & cases


In the world of hospitality, effective brand communication & personalized experiences are essential for creating customer loyalty & driving revenue.

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In today's hyper-competitive retail landscape, businesses need to find innovative ways to attract customers to their stores and keep them engaged for as long as possible.

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Health Club

Health clubs must overcome hurdles such as retaining members by enhancing their satisfaction and addressing major odor control issues.

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“A warm welcome” is a first impression that many restaurants seek to establish to create a good atmosphere that guests stay as long as possible and come back.

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Health Care

Clinics are often associated with negative feelings  (long waiting times, uncertainty & nervousness). Disinfectants can contribute to this negative experience.

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Employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity are essential to the success of any business. Businesses today face challenges in maintaining these factors.

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