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natural scent blend

Reduces tension, calms the physical form and awakens the higher consciousness to kickstart the brain.

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2ML mood shot
*Last for 3-4 hours
30ML mood shot
*Last for 10-14 weeks

- 178 x 92 x 159 mm (L*W*H)
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Product details

  • Pine: Strong, fresh and penetrating aroma that is invigorating and promotes feelings of energy & well-being. It helps with enhancement of concentration and mental fatigue.
  • Frankincense: a warm, balsamic and spicy aroma. It has antiseptic, sedative, tonic and anti-inflammatory properties and is able to reduce tensions, it calms the physical form and awakens the higher consciousness.
  • Patchouli: persistent, earthy and exotic aroma that is very popular in the world of perfumery. Besides it being very useful against anxiety states, the essential oil has sedative properties enhancing peaceful and relaxing atmospheres.

Why choose


Our mind wanders off a thousand times a day, which can interfere with your long work to-do list. Whether you're working on a big project or cramming for a deadline, FOCUS helps give your brain the support and little kick-start it needs to meet your goals. With its delicate blend of fresh pine, exotic patchouli and warm frankincense, FOCUS has incredibly powerful and uplifting properties that boost your concentration and motivation levels. We consider the FOCUS blend “the palate cleanser for the mind”. This little work hack also reduces tension, calms the physical form and awakens the higher consciousness to get your mind as focused as can be.

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